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Meet Christina Cole, the eclectic, unpinnable sixteen-year-old journalist behind Thinking with Christina Cole. From politics to economics to ethics and culture, her thinking is that often, there's a secret premise behind every question, and that there's no better method of obtaining truth than to identify and then break, test, or flip that premise. 


In this polarised world where fact is dominated by fiction and fake news, the obfuscation of truth often starts with issues being ignored by whichever side of the political spectrum finds it convenient. Unlike a one-sided media outlet or a reactionary tabloid, Thinking with Christina Cole isn't trying to limit your information to stories that only corroborate one side of the political spectrum—instead, you'll find the tools you need to hold more informed opinions on a wide variety of relevant topics.

Christina is looking to build her platform by gaining readers, guest blogging, and engaging in partnerships. She is currently seeking a literary agent to represent a book she has written about politics, culture and social issues. 

Image by Pawel Nolbert
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